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Seamless Paper - Available in 26", 53", 86” and 107" Sizes!

Seamless paper is one of the most versatile types of photography backdrops. At Backdrop Express we offer a large selection of Savage Widetone® Seamless Background Paper available in 68 colors and 4 standard sizes: 26" x 12 yards, 53" x 12 yards, 107" x 12 yards. Select colors are also available in our newest size, 86" x 12 yards.

Seamless paper provides a large, smooth, non-reflecting background surface and are most well-known for their consumable nature. Unlike muslin or vinyl backdrop, when seamless paper becomes too dirty for use, you can simply cut the soiled portion of the background paper off and discard it, making it one of the best backdrops for photographing "messy" sessions, such as young animals or cake smashes. Seamless paper also works great for display backgrounds, art projects, banners and more!

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