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photography studio backdrops

Let Backdrop Express be your one stop for all your photo background needs. We offer a wide range of backdrops with dozens of sizes, colors and styles to choose from. From our popular and affordable solid-colored fabric backdrops, to our classic line of seamless backdrop paper, we have something to fit every photographer's unique needs.

Looking for more information on studio backdrop options? Check out Choosing the Right Photography Backdrop!

Seamless Backdrop Paper Polyester Backdrops

Paper's inexpensive price tag and consumable nature makes it perfect for a variety of uses, including: portraits, commercial photography, product photography, video photography, decorations, theater productions, banners and posters.

  • Super White Seamless Paper
  • Super Black Seamless Paper
  • Almond Seamless Paper
  • Focus Gray Seamless Paper
  • Green Chroma Key Seamless Paper
  • Bone Seamless Paper
  • Tulip Seamless Paper
  • Shop for muslin & fabric backdrops from Backdrop Express! With dozens of sizes, colors & styles to choose from, Backdrop Express is your one-stop-shop for your fabric backdrop needs.

  • Computer Printed Cloth Backdrops
  • Solid Colored Fabric Backdrops
  • Textured Taffeta Fabric Backdrops
  • Muslin Backdrops

  • Sequin Backdrops Printed Poly Paper
    Our Sequin Fabric Backdrops feature hundreds of shimmering sequins, creating a beautiful bokeh effect in your photos. This is not a computer printed fabric but a true textured backdrop.

    Our Poly Paper is a synthetic material similar to a heavy photo paper. The main benefits of this material are that it’s coated, making it durable, water resistant and very difficult to tear. It also has a matte finish so you’ll have no issues with glare from lighting. Print quality and clarity are superior with our Poly Paper.

    Vinyl Backgrounds Muslin Backdrops

    Vinyl backdrops are durable and tough, providing wrinkle-free, glare-free photo backgrounds perfect for portraits, commercial photography, video productions and more.

  • Pure White Vinyl Backdrop
  • Matte Black Vinyl Backdrop
  • Green Screen Chroma Vinyl Backdrop
  • Gray Vinyl Backdrop
  • Crushed, mottled, hand-painted & airbrushed muslin photography backdrops!

    Floordrops Textured & Satin Backdrops

    Floordrops offer an extremely realistic faux floor background option for photographers. Perfect for studio photography, floor drops photograph just like authentic floors but don't require the hassle of an on-location photo shoot.

  • Red Oak Floor Drop
  • Whitewash Floor Drop
  • Natural Beech Floor Drop
  • First Base Floor Drop
  • From sequin backdrops, to textured roses, these are not computer-printed backdrops, but offer a true textured, one-of-a-kind appearance.

    Other Backdrops

    In addition to our wide selection of standard photography backgrounds like muslin and background paper, we also have a few non-traditional backdrops for those photographers looking to break out-of-the-box and try something new.

  • Translum Backdrop
  • Velveteen / Velvet Backdrop
  • Red Marble Backdrop